Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 0: All systems go!

About a year ago, Fi and I were talking about going to the Chicago Worldcon in 2012, and she emailed to ask whether I wanted to stay a few days to explore.

I replied: "So, feel free to tell me this is a daft idea, but I've been wanting for years to drive the whole of Route 66 from Chicago to LA..."

Rather than do the sensible thing and discourage me, she said: "Oh shit I would LOVE to do that!"

Almost a year on, neither of us has seen sense, and so tomorrow morning we're off to Chicago!

We're staying in Chicago for the convention over the weekend, then taking a couple of weeks to drive the ~2,500 miles to Santa Monica (with a couple of detours to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas), and then finishing off with another 400 miles or so up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco to see the future site of Starfleet Headquarters.

Or perhaps our hire car will break down on the first day and leave us stranded in Illinois... Watch this space to find out!


  1. Looking forward to keeping this page open on my screen ladies, and reading about all your antics :)

  2. Have fun girls! Excited to see what you get up to ;)

  3. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!!

  4. I have missed your previous Tweets.

    I hitched New York - Chicago - LA - San Francisco in 1980, much of it on Route 66. It is a great road!

    Now I'll see where you've visited!

    1. Probably because it's usually middle of the night UK time, but yesterday I was too knackered to post before going to bed :)
      Hitching all that way sounds amazing!! Not sure I'd ever have the nerve to do that, but driving it has been great fun. San Francisco is our next stop - I've never been and am very much looking forward to it!